Main Functions of 6Star Anion Energy Health Tube

Water Purifier Singapore, 6 Star Portable Water Purifier, Anion Energy Health TubePlace the 6 Star Anion Health tube near you within 15cm radius or on any part of your body, the emitted energy is able to block harmful electromagnetic waves and block radiation. For cellphone and computer users it acts as a protection charm, and for travelers on board the aircraft. When place on your pillow it helps those who suffer from migraines; sleep problems. You feel more energy and less tired when you wear it around your neck as it enhances blood circulation, activate your body cells.

Water Purifier SingaporeAnions greatly benefit our health, which can help purify our blood, restore the cells in our body, build strong immune system and regulate body autonomic nerves. We need to replenish anions within the body, neutralize the harmful oxygen radicals to achieve anti-oxidation. Anions are vitamins in the air.


Water Purifier SingaporeRearrange disorganized and degraded water into small molecules water. This good quality water is most suitable for human cells (or life body). It permeates cells more effectively, carrying oxygen and nutrients into the cells and excrete toxic metabolic waste from the body.


Water Purifier SingaporeChlorine is a threat to human health but in spite of today technological advances chlorine is added to our tap water for means of disinfection. Most people know that there are health effects involved as chlorine is presence in the water we drink. 6 Star Anion water purifier is able to remove residue chlorine and bad taste and chlorine smell from the water, thus reduce risk of harmful exposure to chlorine and other chemicals.

whoThe SGS Water Report test analysis report shows the treated water complies with WHO guideline values for drinking water. The presence of essential minerals and trace elements, that delay aging, enhancing physical vitality.


Water Purifier SingaporeThe water that is best for us is ideally the pH value should be between 6 and 8. What we want is clean, balanced, not too alkaline or to acidic. 6 Star Water Purifier turns acidic drinking water into slight alkaline water to enhance body pH balance. Acidic body is the source of all diseases.