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6 Star Water Purifier is Affordable, Portable, Light & Convenient.

We need to drink water everyday. Though our water is safe to drink even from the tap, our 6Star Anion Health Tube will turn your water to alkaline, small molecules water for best absorption by our body and remove the chlorine from tap water.
The Best Health Investment For You & Your Family
6 Star Anion Health Tube Benefits:
– De Chlorination
– Small Water Molecules
– Alkalinity
– Minerals & Elements
– Negative Ions
6 Star Anion


Positive ions acidify the body, thus causing the oxidation of cells. Anion reverses the acidification to a mildly alkaline state, and restores the oxidized cells, with its anti-oxidant effects.

6 Star Dechlorination


6 Star Health Tube removes residual chlorine and chlorine smell from the water. Now you can have a choice to reduce your exposure to drinking chlorinated water.

6 Star Energy


Block harmful electromagnetic waves and radiation. It acts as a protection charm for cell phone users, computer users, air service personnel and aircraft passengers.

6 Star Mineral Stones


The water you drink should have essential minerals and trace elements in it, and not just for better flavor. This help delaying aging, enhancing physical vitality.

6 Star Small Molecules Water

Small Molecules Water

Rearrange disorganized and degraded water into small molecules water most suitable for human cells. It permeates cells more effectively, carrying oxygen & nutrients.

6 Star Weak Alkaline Water

Weak Alkaline Water

6 Star health tube turns acidic drinking water into slight alkaline water to enhance body pH balance. Over-acidic body is the single underlying cause of all disease.


Multi-Function Usage of Treated Water:

6 Star Rice Cooker

Cook Rice

Use the water for daily consumption. The slightly sweet and tasty water can be used to wash rice, cook rice, prepare porridge, and boil soup. It enhances the flavors and brings out the nutrients.

Wash Vegetables

Wash Vegetables

Use the water to wash fruit and vegetables to remove residual heavy metal and nitrates, make it safer for consumption, enhances nutritional value and extend shelf life.

6 Star Meat


Use the water to clean seafood and meat. The water reduces residual heavy metal, antibiotics, growth hormones and preservatives, removes the smell of meat, and makes the meat sweet and tender.

6 Star Facial Spray

Facial Spray

Use the water to wash or spray face. It helps to lighten skin pigmentation, clears out blocked pores, dusts pollutants, prevents acne and keeps the skin smooth, bright and elastic.


Other Usages (external):

6 Star Fresher Vegetables

Fresher Fruits & Vegetables

Placed beside fruits and vegetables, it taste more delicious and refreshing.

6 Star Body Circulation

Body Circulation

Placed on body has therapeutic effect, activates cells & improve circulation.

6 Star Good Sleep

Good Sleep

Placed under pillow to improve sleep quality and relieve migraine & insomnia.

6 Star Anti Radiation


Placed near computers, cell phones to block harmful electromagnetic waves.

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When the health tube is being used for the first time, rinse and wash with water. Place the tube at the center of water container. Each tube can process up to 2 liters of water each time, soak for 15 minutes.

If not in use, keep it in a dry airy place. Dry it under the sun every week for 1 hour, it will extend the usage time of the tube.

During travel, simply drop the tube into drinking bottle or cup for 5 minutes.

To order, call Ms Jenny Lim hp: 81823325 for home delivery.

6 star anion health tube, water purifier singapore

Size: 10.5cm long x 1.80cm wide
Material Outer Cover: Porcelain
Shelf Life: 3-5 years
Made in Singapore Product
Promo Price Now SGD159

6 star energised water helps grow flowers & plants

Using energy water in plant cultivation such as flowers, vegetables, and fruits not only speed up the growth process, but flowers and leaves grow more abundantly and vibrantly, and fruits are sweet and beautiful, and the production quality and vitality are also strong.

Water Treated With 6Star Health Tube. Amazing Result for Flowers & Plants!

6 Star Anion Water


For any queries on what this treated water can do & help in your health or business, simply call hp: 81823325 Jenny Lim, to get more information.